Real Bread Week

February 20, 2021

Happy Saturday. Did you know it’s #RealBreadWeek which runs from today 20th February to 28th February 2021.
Launched by the Real Bread Campaign in 2009 this is the annual, international celebration of Real Bread and people who make it!
Everyone is encouraged to get along to a local, independent Real Bread bakery and support a business that helps to create more jobs per loaf at the heart of your local community. One of the two main aims of the week has always been to encourage more people to bake their own Real Bread, and we’re particularly keen to see more children learning to bake!
Don’t be fooled by so-called ‘artisan’ loaves turning up on supermarket shelves: insist on the real deal.
Look for The Real Bread Loaf Mark
Discover a local Real Bread bakery
Get involved! Get baking!
How are YOU celebrating Real Bread Week this year?


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