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The South Kilburn Trust manages The Granville, which provides events space, community activities, workspace and business support to local people. By developing and maintaining the building, we are protecting its community use and making sure that it continues to play an important part in the life of South Kilburn.

The Trust is managed by a team of professional staff who are accountable to a Board of Trustees. About half of the staff and Trustees are South Kilburn residents. We would like to increase that local ownership and accountability even more, so we are creating an additional Trustee position to be nominated and elected by you, the local community.


The Board meets about 6 times a year to oversee the work of the South Kilburn Trust, including its management of The Granville community centre.

Meetings are around 2 hours long and usually take place in the evening. There are some papers and reports to read in advance of meetings. Some of these are occasionally technical, but we always try to use “Plain English” and support is available for anyone who needs it.


Anyone who lives in South Kilburn can be nominated for this Trustee position, provided they meet the following legal criteria:
• Must be over 16 years old
• Must not be bankrupt (undischarged) or have an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) • Must not have an unspent conviction for certain offences (including any that involve

dishonesty or deception)
• Must not be on the sex offenders’ register

Anyone wanting to become a Trustee must also be committed to the aims and values of South Kilburn Trust. These can be found on our website,


To apply for this Trustee position you must be nominated by at least 25 local residents or by a locally active community organisation. You must also confirm that you meet all 4 legal criteria mentioned above and that you are committed to the aims and values of South Kilburn Trust.

You can pick up a nomination form at The Granville or download one from our website. The deadline for completed nominations is 5pm on Thursday 14th November.


All nominations that meet the eligibility criteria will be submitted to the Board of the South Kilburn Trust, who will shortlist up to 3 candidates. These 3 candidates will then be invited to present themselves at the Annual Public Meeting that is taking place at The Granville on Saturday 14th December. There will be a public vote at that meeting to select the successful candidate.

By opening itself up in this way, South Kilburn Trust is showing its commitment to continue to put the local community at the heart of everything it does, including its management and decision making process.

If you would like more information about the South Kilburn Trust or our work at The Granville, or would like an informal chat about the new Community Trustee role, please contact our Chief Executive Carl Blackburn on 020 7328 1199 or


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