Impacting Lives in South Kilburn 

About our Trust
The Impact Report

In 2017 South Kilburn Trust published its first impact report, Impacting Lives, which shared evidence of the difference the organisation made in South Kilburn.

The report highlighted some statistics as a way of providing an overview of the people we have helped and how, and also some case studies to bring those numbers alive.

Since inception, the Trust has worked with residents, groups, organisations and local businesses to achieve our core objective; to help and support local people. 

Our most recent report captures some of the impact the Trust has had since opening The Granville in May 2018, and also the journey we have made to get to this point. 

The report is aimed at a wide range of people, and is intended to be straight forward and jargon free.

Highlights include: –

  • 411 community-focused events were held at The Granville between May 2018 and Feb 2019
  • A grand opening week with three free community events was attended by over 650 people
  • 50% of the events and activities being provided at The Granville are free or £1
  • Between May 2018 and February 2019 there were over 20,000 visits to The Granville
  • 37 jobs have been saved or created because of The Granville
  • 43% of the start-ups and co-workers based at The Granville receive a subsidised package of support

To find out more, click the link to download the full Impact Report.



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