About the South Kilburn Trust 

About our Trust


South Kilburn’s population is talented, creative and driven. It is an area with many different communities. However it does have higher than average levels of unemployment, poverty, and health concerns, as well as typically lower incomes for those who do work. The South Kilburn Trust was founded in 2011 to help address these issues and create new opportunities.

In 2014, the Trust took over the running of South Kilburn Studios, a well known business incubator and start-up space, which subsequently led to the refurbishment and re-opening of much loved old building into a community and workspace hub, The Granville, in May 2018.  

What is our long term vision for South Kilburn? 

The Trust’s vision is to support people in South Kilburn improve their lives and make their communities stronger, happier and healthier. We do this by providing a range of quality space, opportunities, and support, principally through The Granville, our recently opened multi-purpose community and workspace hub in the heart of South Kilburn.

What's our strategic focus for 2018-19?

Our focus in 2018-19 covers four main areas:

  1. To make The Granville a thriving hub, open to everyone, at the heart of the local community.
  2. To maintain and develop funded services that support local people, either provided by the Trust or in collaboration with other organisations.   
  3. To secure Phase 2 as part of the redevelopment proposals for the Carlton-Granville site.
  4. To ensure both the Trust and The Granville are becoming increasing financially sustainable in the long term.

To find our more contact us on 020 7328 1199, email us at hello@southkilburntrust.org or pop in to see us at The Granville

A Certified Social Enterprise Development Trust

Social Enterprise UK are:

The leading global authority on social enterprise.

The biggest network of social enterprises in the UK

The South Kilburn Trust is proud to be part of their membership network that includes all the leading lights of the UK social enterprise movement from multi million pound health care and public service providers to community organisations and retail businesses.